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FATOR RH was born in 1996 from the dream of 4 hospital administrators who, acting for almost a decade as hospital managers, consultants and educators

Fabrizio Rosso

Fator RH' Partner and Executive Director

• Author of Several Management Articles published in Indexed Health Magazines (Mundo da Saúde, OESP, Hospitals Brasil, etc.)

• Hospital Administrator

• Postgraduate degree in Didactics of Higher Education from Mackenzie University-SP

• Master in Human Resources from Mackenzie University -SP

• Specialist in Organizational Dynamics: Leadership and Motivation by FGV-SP

• Author of the book "Gestão ou Indigestão de Pessoas?" - Ed.Loyola, 2003

• Author and Organizer of the book "Liderança em 5 Atos" - Ed. Yendis, 2014

• Elected Health Educator of the Year 2007 by Brazilian Health Marketing Association

• Professor in MBA and postgraduate courses in several institutions

• Coordinator of international consulting and training projects (Angola, Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Paraguay)

• Fator RH' Partner and Executive Director



Gestão ou Indigestão de Pessoas?

Gestão ou Indigestão de Pessoas?

Fabrizio Rosso - Loyola

Liderança em 5 atos

Liderança em 5 atos

Ferramentas Práticas Para Gestores Em Instituições de Saúde

Silva,Maria Julia Paes da; Boeger,Marcelo; Fabrízio Rosso; Sérgio Lomelino - Yendis