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FATOR RH was born in 1996 from the dream of 4 hospital administrators who, acting for almost a decade as hospital managers, consultants and educators, decided to dedicate themselves to what really reflected their personal mission: to contribute to ...

GCPEC - Competency-based management

Software GCPEC - Gestão por Competências

Currently required by the auditing companies in the Quality Certification processes in Brazil, the implementation of this people management model contributes to the organization in a decisive way to obtain broader, more significant and lasting results - from the selection of candidates to the performance appraisal and high performance.


Strategic People Management

Strategic People Management

• Diagnosis of employee engagement

• Competency-based management

• Phoenix Project

• Behavioral Style & Team Mapp- Insights®

Business management

Business management

• Hidden Client Project

• Management Alignment Project

• Staffing Sizing

• Situational Diagnosis

• Business Strategies

Courses and Games

Management and Leadership for Nurses

Management and Competitive Leadership's for Nurses – Open and In Company Know more

Breaking Barriers - Leadership Formation

Breaking Barriers Project - In Company Know more

Leadership for Doctors

Leadership for Doctors - Open and In Company Know more

Rescue in Moa Moa (Team-building)

Imagine explorar diversas competências necessárias à uma alta performance profissional de uma forma lúdica, desafiante e instigante...

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Competences Game GCPEC GAME®

A partir das competências específicas da própria empresa, este jogo de tabuleiro é ideal para apresentar ou reforçar os conceitos, as definições e...

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Quality in Administrative Processes

Indicado para o fortalecimento de equipes nos conceitos da qualidade, fazendo-as utilizar e compreender a importância das ferramentas da...

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